Fractional COO

Many small and midsize businesses and growing enterprises don’t have a chief operating officer to oversee daily operations. But a fractional COO may be the key to unlocking business growth.

You know your business better than anyone, but a COO provides a fresh outlook and insider knowledge on how to run a business. You can trust us to come up with strategic ideas while you focus on reaching your company’s core vision and long-term goals.

By working with a fractional COO, you’re adding an outside perspective to your team and letting our fresh insights innovate your business strategy without the cost of a full-time employee.

Fractional CFO

As the owner of a privately owned company, you are constantly faced with challenges: optimizing cash flow, maximizing profitability, accelerating growth, and planning your exit strategy.

A fractional chief financial officer partners with you as an advisor to help you define your goals, and develop a game plan for those strategic, financial and business goals. We then help keep you on track to achieve those goals.

Areas in which we assist clients include:

Strategy & Growth

Operations Management

Project Management

Quality Control, Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement

Corporate Training

Small Business Consulting


We recognize that many small and midsize businesses also need help with the day-to-day duties involved with running a business that can often keep busy CEOs from working on what they enjoy. To address those needs, in addition to our executive leadership, we also offer our clients wrap-around business solutions, including bookkeeping, payroll processing, human resources management, benefits coordination, and virtual office management.

Through Sullivan Business Consulting’s full suite of business solutions, we provide you with access to top talent while achieving significant cost savings.