About Us

Sullivan Business Consulting, LLC is a professional consulting and coaching group with more than 20 years of experience building exceptional operations in various industries. Sullivan Business Consulting was established with a vision of bringing big company consulting to the small and medium-sized market. We work with clients in a broad range of industries to develop effective strategies which deliver tangible, positive results to the bottom line. Our commitment to client goals, cost-effective solutions, and a successful track record of proven results have earned us a reputation for excellence.

Who our clients are:

Sullivan Business Consulting is proud to serve clients of all sizes and across a variety of industries and business verticals. Our goal is to assist clients in developing unique breakout solutions designed to take operations to the next level. Our tireless commitment to understanding client requirements and a proven track record of successfully mitigating some of the most diverse problems facing business owners today has earned Sullivan Business Consulting the trust of our clients and a reputation as Go-To Problem Solvers.

Sullivan Business Consulting’s clients typically fall into one of three broad categories:

Amy Sullivan

Amy M. Sullivan

Amy has over 20 years’ experience managing small, medium, and large businesses. Her strong background in accounting and operations gives her a unique skillset to help businesses grow, improve, and increase profitability.

In her career, Amy has worked with a large variety of companies, including startups, nonprofits, and established business with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. As a result, she’s familiar with issues that these companies face and how to improve their systems and help solve their most difficult problems.

Prior to founding Sullivan Business Consulting, LLC, Amy was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of one of the top complex litigation law firms in the country. Before that she led a conglomerate of over 35 businesses including a development/construction company, tech company, country club, non-profit organization, ProShop, and high-end concierge service. She also led one of the leading non-franchised real estate companies in the country. Amy’s diverse background allows her to understand and assist companies across many industries.

Amy invests fully in her clients to help them transform and improve their businesses. To do so, she learns as much as she can about what works, and what doesn’t, within each company. She then works closely with senior management to develop customized solutions to effectively and efficiently make progress. Amy’s philosophy means she’s not just trying to sell her clients a service. Instead, she firmly believes her clients’ problems are her problems, and as a result she is driven to see her clients succeed.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”