Offering a comprehensive range of business services to clients of all sizes, across a variety of industries and business verticals.

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As a fractional COO and CFO, we take care of all operational matters so you can focus on achieving your long-term business goals.

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Big firm experience. Boutique focus.

With more than 20 years of experience building exceptional operations in various industries, Sullivan Business Consulting was established with a vision of bringing big company experience to small and mid-market enterprises.

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Sullivan Business Consulting offers a comprehensive range of business services to clients of all sizes, across a variety of industries and business verticals.

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What our clients say

Amy immediately helped me improve my business, but more importantly she worked with me to create a plan for success in the future.

-Michael G.

Amy has transformed our business model in virtually every way. A few of those areas can be summarized as follows: Strategic planning; Capturing and synthesizing data, resulting in better informed business decisions; Expansion activities, including the formation of new entities and the initiation of operations in new states and countries; Tax mitigation strategies; Upgrading our accounting department; Increased communication between firm leadership, attorneys and support staff

-Steve T.

I found Amy to be honest, professional and very trustworthy with confidential and proprietary company information, as well as a loyal employee. Her standards are incredibly high, and she worked weekends and overtime to complete time-sensitive tasks. Amy was an asset to my company, and I can confidently recommend her as a business consultant for your growing company.

-Jim W.

Amy’s leadership skills have played a role not only on the board, but with the staff. She has helped plan and rebuild new staff descriptions that have resulted in increased efficiency. Her professional demeanor and ability to manage people makes Amy shine even more. The skills she has brought to our board and organization, including Operations Management and HR, have impacted our day-to-day functions and overall success. Amy is a genuine, fearless, strong leader who knows how to tackle any situation in a respectable manner.

-Bess W.

Amy is the epitome of professionalism, competence and loyalty. She was instrumental in managing our accounting needs as a startup technology company. Amy would be a great asset and a team member in any organization.

-Sam I.

I have known Amy for almost 20 years and can honestly say that she is the most dedicated, loyal, dependable, and knowledgeable professional I have had the pleasure of working with. She is currently helping me with my small business startup and has been so helpful and encouraging, but most importantly, she has treated my company as if it were her own…she is just as excited about it as I am. I highly recommend Amy’s business consulting services – she’s the best there is!

-Melanie K.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Amy as a business consultant, as someone to give advice and guidance on all things operations and accounting, including strategic planning, policy-making and tax mitigation strategies for your small to medium sized business. Whether you need basic direction and advice to aid in your profitable growth, or a policy manual and success plan – or other needs that allow you to focus on the business aspects you enjoy most, Amy can provide what you need.

-Melisa G.

Amy’s knowledge and guidance assisted me through some difficult decisions throughout my career. Now that I am a business owner, she is still my go-to person. Even if it is as simple as an employee issue or advice regarding expenses, Amy is my person. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her and am truly blessed to have worked with her and will continue to do so in the future.

-Sherry K.

I consider Amy to be a most trusted advisor who has provided me with sound business advice over the years. She takes her clients’ concerns seriously and works tirelessly until they are resolved. She would be an asset to any firm as she is honest, conducts herself with a high level of integrity and has an absolutely unbeatable work ethic.

-Nicole V.